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PolCam System is a company with a long-standing experience and an established position in the market related with manufacturing devices registering traffic events. The company enforces security on roads through the use of high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Company beginnings

Since 2001, PolCam have started installation and maintenance of video recording devices in uniformed services. Due to gain knowledge and experience, in 2004 as the first in Poland and as one of the first in the world,  PolCam has created a solution based on the digital method of recording materials including speed measurement – PolCam PC2006 in-car video – which uses innovative constant video record on a digital storage. Owing to this fact, prolonged records and better quality image have gained. Thanks to PolCam solution police replaced 60 VHS tapes with single HDD. PolCam has started digital era in Polish Traffic Police. PolCam delivered installed over 800 systems installed on a vehicle and motorcycle worldwide and continue supporting them due date.


In 2008 new digital recording standards have been developed. H.264 video recording and wireless streaming became a commodity. PolCam developed new features and enhancements to already popular in-car video system. The latest solutions video encoding standard was designed together with GPS mapping, and GSM live video streaming. Radar technologies were applied together with a high-tech coding standard H.264 for video recording with the possibility of wireless video transmission to Police headquarters. Simultaneously we started implementing mobile video recording systems intended for public transport i.e. buses, trams, and trains. PolCam started the expansion of its solutions to international market.

PolCam SmartEye

As a result of the successive development of our company, we have broadened our range of products with a PolCam SmartEye, mobile and fixed law enforcement system. Developed in 2010 device is capable of tracking up to 32 vehicles simultaneously, in two directions in six lanes. The speed camera fulfills all current requirements of European Union market and has type approvals in various European Metrology Institutions. SmartEye is capable of also capturing RedLight violation and together with build-in ANPR captures Black Listed numberplates.

PolCam Lite (SMA) – Work On Duty

Extensive experience in mobile digital video recording and cameras resulted developing a simplified version of a standard In-Car Video system. Starting from 2009 PolCam Developed various versions of work on duty recorder with various cameras and build in ANPR solution. The system delivered to not only in Police cars, airport security but also in public transport vehicles where high-quality with EMC certificates are required.


PolCam experience in working with video analysis and vehicle control in various projects allowed to develop own Automatic Numberplate Recognition system.

Solution development of PolCam ANPR started in 2010. PolCam ANPR used in numerous systems like Speed Camera, mobile In-Car Video, stationary fuel stations control, parking access control systems and many more. In 2017, we gathered all the experience gained from the project to create an of the shelf product that can implement in various applications.


PolCam BackOffice

In 2017, based on our industry experience, PolCam is in the process of creating a comprehensive solution to simplify the road traffic offense central control – PolCam BackOffice. An advanced cloud-based solution that allows you to quickly and easily manage your entire ticketing process, from evidence capture to payment receipt.


Teams of developers that cooperate tightly with each other create a high quality, reliable software, and hardware tested according to strictly defined procedures before release. Qualified engineers working at PolCam use best efforts so that the released product fulfills all regulations required by Type Approval and certification institutions around the world.

Gained trust around the world

PolCam has gained the trust of many national institutions and private companies from all over the world. Our business partners appreciate the fruitful cooperation, in which we offer full support with the range of installation, maintenance, and updates for the products offered. PolCam is always open for product adjustment to particular market and customer specific demand.


PolCam employee best development teams and range of outsourcing companies. PolCam specializes in software and hardware development primarily related to video/photo processing and analysis. PolCam Goal is to design solutions with the highest reliability and long product life cycle.

“The motto of our company is to be a modern business partner, who can make the wishes come true.”

PolCam Team